The Blue Tchaga: a Kombucha Mocktail

Summer, with its hot and humid days, is finally back! Cause we all want to fully appreciate these days, here's the Blue Tchaga, an alcohol free cocktail (aka a mocktail!) created in collaboration with Tchaga Kombucha, a Quebec based kombucha brand*.

For the kombucha lover and alcohol free girl that I am, this drink was simply made for me and my taste! While the mint and the cucumber make it super refreshing, the litchi juice and the blueberries make it just enough sweet and fruity. The ginger kombucha gives it a nice kick and some fizziness. Being alcohol free, this mocktail will be perfect for every member of the family, kids and pregnant women included!

Oh! and the cool thing about this drink is that, once the first local cucumbers and blueberries will hit the markets and the groceries, it will be possible to make this mocktail almost 100% locally (with the only exception of the litchi juice).


The Blue Tchaga

gives 2 (big) ou 4 (small) servings


  • 1 cup of cucumber, roughly chopped (about one third of an english cucumber)
  • 1 cup of frozen blueberries, more to decorate
  • 1 cup of litchi juice
  • leaves from one branch of fresh mint (5-6 leaves or to taste), more to decorate
  • one bottle of Tchaga Kombucha, the ginger flavor (500 ml)


  1. In a blender, mix all ingredients, except the ginger kombucha, until perfectly smooth. If necessary, adjust to taste the quantity of litchi juice and/or mint.
  2. Divide the mix in two big glasses (or four smaller ones) and complete by pouring the ginger kombucha.
  3. Serve well chill! Have fun decorating your mocktail with extra blueberries (on a skewer stick) and/or a branch of fresh mint :)

* This sponsored aticle is the result of a paid partnership between Odile Joly-Petit and Tchaga Kombucha.

Tchaga Kombucha is a Quebec based company that produces kombucha, a raw, alive and fizzy drink brewed in Serbrooke city in Estrie. Each of their flavors contains some chaga mushroom, a superfood that grows in the north of the province of Quebec, hence the name Tchaga.