Nicecream & Kombucha Float

If you’ve been following me for a while on social media, you already know that I am a big fan of kombucha! And that for years now!

After brewing my own kombucha for years, I mostly enjoy bottled kombucha from differents brands now. In Quebec only, this sector completely exploded. While there were only a few companies 4-5 years ago (2015), there are now dozens and dozens of them. Hence why the second edition of the Boochfest was also held in Montreal this year (last August).

With all the great and diverse options available out there, let’s say I often prefer to buy kombucha instead of brewing it now (and make my tepache instead hihi!). I will share you some of my favorite kombucha brands below, in addition to my tips for making nice cream! And you’ll be all set to make yourself a booch float!


Nicecream & Kombucha Float

makes 2 floats


  • 1 frozen banana (in chunks) *

  • 2-3 frozen peaches (in chunks) *

  • a pinch of ground vanilla (optional)

  • a bottle of kombucha of your choice (see my list of suggestions below)

* I advise you to cut your fruits into bite-size pieces (or smallr) before freezing them. If they are too big, you may need to cut them, even frozen.


  1. Put the frozen fruit pieces in the container of your food processor. I prefer using my food processor over my blender to make nicecream. It is way easier to scrape the edges with a spatula and the frozen fruits do not remain caught between the blades and the bottom of the container.

  2. Let the frozen fruits thaw for 5-10 minutes before starting to pulse. By waiting a few minutes, you will not need to add any liquid to make your nicecream.

  3. Start by pulsing a few time before finally processing. If necessary, scrape the edges and mix again until you obtain a creamy texture with not more chunk of frozen fruits.

  4. Serve immediately or, if necessary, transfer in a bowl and store in the freezer for 15-30 minutes to harden the texture of your nicecream. Be careful not to you leave it too long in the freezer tho, or it will form a block of ice and it will be impossible to scoop it anymore.

  5. Using an ice cream spoon, scoop your nicecream in a glass.

  6. Pour kombucha over the nicecream scoops and enjoy immediately. Here I used Quetzal "creamsicle" kombucha, which I got at the 2019 edition of the Boochfest.

Notes: have fun varying the fruits of your nicecream, while keeping a base of frozen bananas! I like to use frozen berries, mangos or pieces of pineapple! Or simply use whatever your have in the freezer!

Let's talk kombucha

Multiple kombucha brands have been launched in recent years, either more commercial kinds, craftbrewed, bottled or in can, with or without alcohol, etc. Personally, I like a kombucha that is not too sweet, which is slightly acid (traditionally, it is normal that kombucha tends to be slighlty vinegary) and has natural sparkling (not added CO2). Regarding the flavors, some companies goes for classic ones, sometimes even more artificial flavors (often made out from concentrated juice / syrup), but you will also have brands which tend towards creativity and sophisticated flavors. These are often smaller companies which has the luxury of making smaller batches, like seasonal flavors, but often available in their shop only (or just a few places) while not being distributed on larger markets.

Personal advice: if a brand makes a natural kombucha (no added flavor) and/or ginger kombucha, I advise you to try it. This is often a way to determine if the company makes a good quality product, like a standard measure!

Here is a small list of my favorite kombucha brands:

  • Quetzal: located in Shawinigan, some of their flavors are available in bottles, but it is really their on tap flavors available at their shop in Shawinigan (and some rare addresses and events in Quebec) that stand out, by their complexity and richness .

  • Origin, formerly Medicinal Kombucha : it is probably one of the first brands of kombucha in Quebec. Their flavors are excellent and I particularly like their bottles (either to make kombucha yourself or simply because the brand reuses them)

  • Tchaga: my favorite flavors are inevitably ginger and hops. But I like the fact that their kombucha is not too sweet either. Several flavors are available in bottles, in addition to some seasonal flavors available on tap in a few places.

  • Ékorce: from Val-d'Or, this brand is distributed in can and offers very interesting flavors. My favorite: blueberry and sweet fern.

  • Lao: I particularly like the natural series of this brand and, on top of that, the quality of the teas they used and how to put them in highlights, Many brands focus on flavors in second fermentation. Lao takes carefully choose different tea strains for each of their flavors, and that's what distinguishes them in my opinion.

  • Gutsy: Gutsy's flavors are very bold, but the choice of flavors is always well thought and interesting, including many herbs and medicinal plants. They just released a canned version of their kombucha, but you can find them in bulk in many grocery stores or zero-waste groceries.

  • Silver Swallow: a little gem from the 2019 Boochfest. Their kombucha is nothing like other brands available on the market, regarding the look and the content. Bottled in a champagne kinda bottle, you want to serve this kombucha for special and fancy occasions. It is also a natural kombucha, which means tea is the main flavor, no added flavors.