Nutella Buckwheat Cream

When "nutella" meets our firend healthy buckwheat! I'm proposing you another buckwheat cream today on the blog, but slightly different than the more classic one I shared with you here. If you're a chocolate and nut butter freak, you should go crazy for it!

It's sugar free,

decadant enough,


takes 5 ingredients only to make,

and ready in 5 minutes !

What are you waiting to try it yourself?







makes one big serving


  • 1/2 cup of overnight soaked buckwheat groats, or at least 15 minutes in freshly boiled water
  • 1/2 cup of planbased milk (of your choice)
  • one big very ripe banana
  • 2 tbsp of hazelnut butter
  • 2 tbsp of cacao powder
  • optional : 2 tsp of maca powder and 1 tbsp of hemp hearts


  1. Strain the buckwheat groats and transfer in a blender.
  2. Add the rest of the ingredients.
  3. Mix until a smooth texture.
  4. Serve with your favorite fruits and toppings