@odilejp, photographer & stylist


Who is Odile

Odile Joly-Petit, aka the Pretty Small Vegan, is a food photographer and stylist, recipe developer and vegan advocate.


Photo credit : Christine Drouin

Even though her love for cooking and making food looks pretty has always been present in her life since her childhood, she truly discovered the art of photography in the last 5 years. It all started with a simple Instagram account (@odilejp) that now reaches over 35k people through out the world, and not only among the vegan community. From very simple and unpretentious photos at the beginning, she now creates her own world and environment, sharing sophisticated ambiances, but also recipes and inspirations, but always food she truly loves.


vegan since 2012,

she believes animal are not meant to be found in our plates, but also in our dresser, on our skin or in any aspect of our lifestyle. Therefore, she wants to encourages companies that promote veganism or offer more and more vegan options to their consumers.

Her passion for fermented foods all started when she first started brewing her own kombucha a few years ago. It was the first fermentation experiments of many more! Since then, she also tried her hands at sauerkraut, pickles, kimchi, tepache, sourdough, etc. She truly believes everyone can master the art of fermentation. Making your own ferments is not only because cheaper, it also provides you with tons of health benefits when consumed on a regular basis.

Why “pretty small vegan”?

Some may ask why choosing “pretty” and “small” to describe a blog like this one. For those of you who speak french, the reason might already be obvious. For the rest of you, lets me explain it for you. “Pretty Small” stands for “joli petit” in french, which is in fact my surname (Joly-Petit), literally. Therefore, Pretty Small Vegan seemed like meant for me and this blog.


Along her love for food photography, Odile also has two other passions : veganism and fermentation